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Sandra is the Broker/Owner of Sequoia 1 Real Estate and is a member of Winnipeg REALTORS®, - the Winnipeg Real Estate Association (WREA). 2019 was a great year in Real Estate and I would like to thank everyone I worked with and had the pleasure of meeting and those that together we successfully found the properties you were searching for.  I am proud to have been a part of your real estate transactions. The year end result for the hard work and dedication to the real estate profession was a 2019 Bronze Medallion Award for Individual Top Sales from the Winnipeg REALTORS®. Thank you!

Sandra is a very professional REALTOR® -always eager and willing to go that extra mile for her clients. Sandra has fine attention to details and she is able to find just the right properties for her clients.  When listing properties she provides care and when requested of her advises as to how clients may potentially get the best dollar for their listed property.

Sandra's dedication, honesty & enthusiasm & knowledge about real estate -mixed with her outgoing personality makes her a definite favorite to both her buyers & her vendors.

A little bit of a background on Sandra....

Sandra was born & raised in Winnipeg, but spent much of her time on the family farms. 

She has always had a passion for the outdoors & loves to be in the open spaces with natures beauty.

Sandra grew up in the world of real estate, -she didnt just learn about real estate through courses - She lived it first hand everyday as Sandra's dad -Harold Goritz - REALTOR® has been and is still an active & very successful real estate salesperson for over 50 years! SO... there was no way not to learn anything & everything about real estate, from cottages & residential homes to farms, ranches, soil types, value of livestock & sooo much more...

Sandra is a very successful active practising Bachelor Educated Registered Nurse & has been since 1994. Specializing in Winnipegs Intensive Care Unit & most recently working as Home Care Nurse, Home Care Coordiantor & Supervisor, Charge Nurse, Nurse Educator &/or Manager in various locations - such as personal care homes of her choice.  She now casually contracts her extensive nursing services privately to those in the community in need through her privately owned company called Heaven Sent Health Care Services & Educational Consulting. Those that know Sandra & have the pleasure to work with her know that she is caring, compassionate, dedicated, highly educated & knowledgeable.  She cares about her clients & works with a strong ethical foundation. She is passionate in all that she does and that has been evident in her many years as a Bachelor educated Registered Nurse (ICU advanced pratice) working here in Manitoba & also British Columbia.  Sandra relates well to persons of all ages -and for those persons advancing in age Sandra takes the time and care required to build a very solid and trusting rapport with the client and often with the clients families. This stems from her 26 and counting years as a registered nurse - a strong and solid foundation of naturally caring for others, for their well being and what is in their best interests.

Sandra brings her caring, compassion, dedication, ethics & passion with her as the Broker/Owner of Sequoia 1 Real Estate & as a REALTOR® - it shows in every real estate transaction that she has the priveledge of being a part of. She cares about every client and about every contact with her clients.

Sandra is definitely your guaranteed choice in a REALTOR®.

Give Sandra a call to get to know her -as many others have done and as a result built their trust in her as their REALTOR® of choice now and for future.

Buying a home or property?

As a Winnipeg REALTOR® Sandra takes full advantage of the tools of on line advertising and connecting with other REALTORS®.  Sandra is excellent at on line searches and can ensure that you are notified as soon as a new listing with your wants and needs comes to market.  She will find you what you are looking for, ensure that you review the listings that she sends to you and then arrange for your viewing or viewings of the properties you are interested in.  Sandra is proficient with offers to purchase on all real estate transactions and can help to make the buying process smooth and relaxed.  Sandra will gladly take the time to listen to your needs and desires and help you find your dream home or property.

Selling your home or property?

Sandra is a Winnipeg REALTOR® and member of the Winnipeg Real Estate Association (WREA) and she ensures that your property will get the exposure it needs through Sequoia 1 Real Estate and many other adveritising avenues.

What does all this mean for you when you are selling your home or property?

Your listing would automatically be entered into the MLS® - Multiple Listing Service where in turn it appears on® website.  Belonging to Winnipeg REALTORS® also enables us to advertise you property in the Winnipeg Real Estate News (WREN) hard copy and on line.

Other websites where your property would be advertised is on our main website at & alng with here at

Sandra also makes effective use of other social media platforms such as our Brokerages Facebook page -Sequoia 1 Real Estate and our other Facebook pages (when applicable) such as Cottages in Manitoba, Lots & Land in Manitoba, Manitoba Farms for Sale, Waterfronts Manitoba & Waterfronts in Manitoba.  Local buy and sell websites and pages are also used and more common sites such as Marketplace, Kijiji and others as they apply to the type of property you are selling.

Sequoia 1 Real Estate also has 1.5 pages of the total 4 pages of all Real Estate listings in the NorthEastman Real Estate Guide found in The Clipper Newspaper which is published 4 times a year  May long weekend, July long weekend, August long weekend and the September long weekend.

Sequoia 1 Real Estate places general ads in various local and provincial tourism guides as well, which direct people to our websites to view our listings. Some of these are the Lac du Bonnet Living Tourism Guide, The Eastman Tourism Guide and various other local flyers and newspapers that are distributed throughout Manitobas communities, towns and cities.

Sandra Goritz as a REALTOR® has been a proud supporter of the Trappers Lake Life Festival which takes place ever August.  Trapper is a very busy convenience store, gas station and restauarante with outdoor patio , located at the corner when you turn on Highway 315 into Auglen Park or when en-route to Bird River.  Watch also at this location for our large 4 foot x 8 foot Sequoia 1 Real Estate metal signs out front of Trappers where all of our listings are displayed. 

Sequoia 1 Real Estate has vibrant yard and property signage that is placed on your property as well as other locations when your property is listed for sale so that it is well advertised on site.  There is also various signage throughout Manitoba advertising the Sequia 1 Real Estate Brokerage which brings on line traffic to our websites.

Every year we print approximately 2,000 full size calendars to give out for free to our client and anyone who requests one. We also supply these large glossy color calendars for residents to have in their rooms in 2 personal care home in the Northeastman Region. Sunova in Lac du Bonnet also has a few spots for us to advertise our business and our current listings.

Sandra maximizes her presence in many ways so that your listing has as much exposure as possible.  Every year we have explored avenues in which to extend our reach to to assist our clients with buying and our sellers with selling. Sandra is dedicated to you as you are a valuable client and works diligently to help you to achieve your goals through working very hard at achieving her own personal and professional goals of providing you with high quality professional real esate services.

Sandra Goritz


Sequoia 1 Real Estate

Cell:    1-204-688-4222